Sword Combat Sound Effects Pack Free Version

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Discover a wide array of unique and completely customizable sword combat sounds. This pack includes everything you could ever need for combat in your game/film, including sword slashes, stabs, collisions, attacking voice-lines, whooshes, special effects, etc. Each sound has numerous variations, so they are customizable to your exact needs.

All sounds are drag-and-drop ready, while having their individual elements available for editing as well. This pack is UCS compliant, so every file is easily searchable and the pack as a whole is a breeze to navigate.

The raw source recordings are included in the full version as well if you are really looking to customize your sounds from the ground up.

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Included in this pack:

Sword Stabs (3 base 18 files total)

Sword Collisions (2 base 8 files total)

Whooshes (2 files total)

Voice-lines (9 files total)

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Total Audio Files:
Sample Rate & Bit Depth:
96kHz & 24bit
File Type:
44.1 MB
24.2 MB
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Sword Combat Sound Effects Pack Free Version

0 ratings
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